The launch of the Karam Yogi Portal equips all postal employees with a tool for accessing uniform standardized training content in campus mode. To gain access to this valuable resource, users must provide their employee ID and other pertinent details.

Until a trainee completes the test of preceding content and scores at least 60%, the portal prohibits access to subsequent materials or modules. Upon qualifying for the final content exam, users will receive certification. Learn more about this Portal—including registration, login procedures, and other details—on this page.


The Government of India launched this Portal, a platform designed to enhance efficiency and transparency for Indian post office employees through e-learning opportunities. By signing citizens can access an array of services related to the Karmyogi Scheme. Citizens need not visit government offices anymore to access a plethora of services; these are conveniently available online. Through their sign-in, citizens can download their certificates and further take summative assessments.

Objective Of Karma Yogi

At this website, Sign in primarily aims to offer a robust learning platform.

  • This portal Sign-In enables post office employees to access training: a valuable resource for their professional development.
  • The implementation of this portal is projected to bolster employee efficiency, ultimately equipping them with the capacity to deliver enhanced services for our clients.
  • Implementing the scheme will enhance productivity and capacity of Indian Post department employees.
  • The utilization of this portal further enhances one’s prospects for professional and performance enhancement; consequently, it augments their likelihood of achieving success in life.

Karam Yogi Portal boasts an extensive collection of videos and quizzes, all accessible in 12 Indian languages; this availability ensures usability for global populations. Furthermore, it consolidates the work procedures of various cadres–a feat accomplished with meticulous inclusion of essential soft skills: a comprehensive resource indeed! This article: equips users with all essential information pertaining to this portal.

Process to Enrollment for Courses

  • Candidates shall acquaint themselves with the detailed enrolment procedure for courses available on the Karam Yogi Portal. They should follow these steps:
  • Commence the procedure by going to the login Website.
  • Secondly, tap on the Sign In option provided at the top of the page.
  • Now, carefully provide the login credentials; subsequently, click on ‘login’ to open the dashboard.
  • Afterward, locate and tap on the Online/ Onsite courses option.
  • Clicking on the link triggers the respective device to display a registration form screen.
  • To initiate the submission process, please ensure you have accurately filled out all required fields on the form; then–attached at its conclusion–click ‘submit’.
  • The course registration successful; a confirmation message will promptly display–following this, all online and onsite enrolled courses emerge on your screen.


Can private employees also benefit from this scheme?

This scheme confers no benefits to private employees; it exclusively applies to government personnel.

How to get the certificate after completion of training?

The portal allows beneficiaries to sign in and download their certificate online; furthermore, an additional copy of the certificate is dispatched directly to the employee’s email.

In case of facing any kind of challenges where can beneficiaries contact?

Should beneficiaries encounter any challenges, they may reach out to the helpline number; additionally, they have the option of lodging complaints online.

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